How do you prepare for an allergy attack

What’s Your Anti-Allergy Attack Plan? Natural remedies and supplements worth taking into consideration.

Early weaning and introduction of processed foods to infants, genetic manipulation of plants that creates foods with a greater chance of cross-reaction with the human biology and an overall increase in the amount of pollutants in the air, soil and water have created millions of allergy sufferers that are held hostage by drippy noses, burning, […]

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Sugar or stevia what is it going to be?

Top 5 Natural Alternatives to Processed Sugars

Let’s be realistic! No matter how healthy we are trying to eat, eventually we all want something sweet. So when you do decide to make dessert at home, what sweetener should you reach for? What should you put in your coffee or tea? And how bad are processed fructose sweeteners for your health when compared […]

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Bell pepper eggplant tapenade recipe

Grilled Bell Pepper and Eggplant Tapenade Recipe

This time of year farmer’s markets are brimming with all kinds of vegetables that are fresh and in season. So I figured it’s time for one of my favorite family recipes: Grilled Bell Pepper and Eggplant Tapenade (or, in Romanian: Zacusca cu Ardei si Vinete). These vegetables contain compounds that promote good health and you […]

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Allergy attack

Do You Know Your Allergies? Learn What Happens During An Allergy Attack

The medical term “allergy” was first used in 1902 to describe the increased sensitivity of dogs inoculated multiple times with protein from sea anemones. The word “allergy” is derived from the Greek “allos” meaning other and “ergon” which means work. In the medical dictionaries is defined as “a hypersensitive state” meaning, when a person is […]

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Common laundry detergents with toxic non-biodegradable ingredients

Dirty Secrets: What’s Lurking in Your Freshly Laundered Clothes

When you think about toxic chemicals, you probably think about outdoors industrial waste or garbage-choked water streams. And, since you spend 80 to 90% of your time indoors working, eating, sleeping, studying, and even exercising you think that you are well protected from toxic substances. Well, think again! A typical American household contains about 3 […]

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Baby bok choy recipe with raw seeds and smoked turkey

Baby Bok Choy Recipe With Raw Seeds And Smoked Turkey

Even though it was a perfect Saturday morning to sleep in a little longer, it was also a perfect day to experience the farmer’s market on a cold rainy Southern California winter day. Since they are opened “rain or shine” we took the plunge, bundled up the kids and set course to the Irvine Farmer’s […]

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Home made laundry detergent non toxic ingredients

Do It Yourself: Non-Toxic Effective Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipes

Manufacturers of laundry products spend a great deal of money to convince you that their products contain “magical” ingredients that can solve your laundry problem. However, typical laundry detergents are leaving more on your clothes than a “fresh” scent, which is not the case with a homemade laundry detergent you made and you know it’s […]

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